My Firstborn

jvvd3880Meet Samuel Alejandro. My self-proclaimed #meanager. He is deep in the throes of the big 1-4 and he loves to pretend he can’t show me ONE OUNCE of affection. Friends, I digress with him.


What all do people share about their kiddos without getting SUPES sappy with mom goggles or emotionally outraged over recent shenanigans they may have pulled? And how do you not share THAT ISH since we allllllllll know that the teens are ALWAYS pulling some crap thinking they are smarter than us?

I’m not saying I never did any of that messy teenage stuff. Luckily, my cherry popper blog post isn’t going to be about me as a teenager because my goal is to keep readers. Hahahaha. No. This first one is dedicated to my smelly, soft, emotional, smart but likes to play like he’s not, first-born son.

He really was a sweet little boy. Loved to be hugged and followed me around more than our pooch. He’s timid, scares easy, just WANTS TO BE LOVED and is learning some sarcasm, which has me OH SO PROUD but also ready to smack him. Oh, and let’s not forget he shares a birthday with my own Mother. How many can say they’ve given birth on the SAME DAY as their Grandma!?! Pretty cool, huh?

We are so different.


Where I will talk with anyone about anything, strangers included, Sam is quiet. He’s pensive. He can almost NEVER find his words. If there’s unrest or arguing, he wants to peace keep. Fighting gives him anxiety. Although he’s a terrible tooth brusher, he abhors the dentist. He loathes reading. He is one of those learners who has to see it and do it and experience it a BAJILLION times before he gets it. When he finally understood rhyming in kindergarten, I FRIGGIN CRIED. It took us so much work.

He has taught me patience in a way I never thought I would. Because of Sam, I try to understand people better. Through him, I have learned to stop, listen, try a different way. Being his mother has helped me in my work, my relationship with my wife, who I am as a friend, who I am as a person, and how I mother my other two boys. Through life’s curveballs, turns in the road, unexpected bumps and dives and speed ups, Sam is my constant reminder to slow down a little and breathe and it continues to BLOW MY DAMN MIND how incredible of a person he is becoming.

Damn it. I’m making this emotional. I TOLD YOU.

I will end on this note. HE CAN FART ON COMMAND.