What makes me, Vee

As a mother, and of THREE BOYS to top it off, when people ask me about myself or who I am or what defines me, it’s tough not to automatically just go for that easy answer. I’m not sure if it’s because being a Mama Bear to these three (read: feels like six; read: eat like ten) man cubs is such a HUUUUUGE part of me, or if it’s because saying more makes me a touch vulnerable in whoever’s company I’m in.

But you asked, right? So, let’s RIP that Band-Aid off and just JUMP right in and get REAL.


I’m a small town girl. Don’t even THINK the words “living in a lonely world,” are next. They are not. I spent the majority of my formative years in a small, tiny little place where there wasn’t even a stop light. This is no joke! Less than one thousand in population. My personality was always too big for that town.

My parents own a couple Mexican restaurants. I don’t doubt for a minute that I had a fairly privileged life. My parents would agree. I didn’t always get what I wanted but I never needed life’s necessities. That’s pretty cool. Their business is a big reason why I have the following: a strong work ethic, an understanding of equality, leadership skills, AND THUNDER THIGHS.

There. I said it. And it took me a WHOLE LONG TIME to decide to attack my lifestyle and just GET BETTER. My commitment to my health has been nothing short of a steep hike. I would consider myself about one-third of the way up that mountain. I never want to be at the bottom again. Ish can’t get more real than that, friends!

I’m married to one of the best SOULS my heart has ever met. We love, love, love so hard. It should be this way in all relationships. Life is so short. YOLO. Find who sets your soul on fire and helps it grow. Not someone who tries to fizzle it out or who is gasoline to your flames. I found my living bonfire. She just rocks my world.

So, here we are. Raising gentleman. It’s sooooo much harder than I ever thought possible. They make me crazy, rabid, shake my head. And then they melt my damn heart. They show me things in this world I had never noticed. They inspire me and keep me motivated. We have some pretty awesome conversations about life with them and then we laugh and laugh at how silly they can be.

My goal, with this blog, is to share my experiences, help people find the laughter in the daily shenanigans we either create or encounter, throw some healthy tidbits in, and just cheers to friends who might be on any part of this journey of life with us!