All I've ever wanted was unforgettable kisses and unbelievable laughter.


Why HELLO, friends!

Thank you SO.DAMN.MUCH for stopping by and showing me some love! I cannot ever tell you how much it means to me!

Let’s start with a little bit about myself…

My name is Virginia but I go by Vee. That wasn’t decided by me. Honestly, I went almost my whole young life with NO NICKNAME, unless you count “Shorty,” which my Dad calls me. He’s the only one allowed. Also, I’ve never been taller than him and he’s not even tall. Dang it.

I’m married to the MOST amazing, loving soul. Her name is Kulia. We call her Ku. You know, like “That’s Coo.” I always feel a TOUCH thug when I call for her. That probably doesn’t make sense. Oops.

We love (yes, that’s on purpose. I feel like if you aren’t loving, you aren’t living) in Ferndale, Washington. It’s a gorgeous, picturesque hillbilly, country place with tractors and cows and not much else. We live in a pretty awesome house that we built, in a time when we thought we would never own a house. We still sit on the couch in AWE of it and our luck and more importantly, our drive and tenacity in achieving our goals.

There are three mini gentlemen that live with us. Sometimes we acknowledge them as kids of ours. Some days we consider how to sell them on Etsy because they are ridiculous and drive us crazy. Life is about balance, right? Also, how do these three boys sometimes feel like six and eat like ten? How is that possible? I don’t even know how we are going to afford their grocery bill next year. Forget five years from now. Ish is real RIGHT NOW!

I’m currently on a journey to improve my health through laughter and hard work and I hope you enjoy seeing snapshots of our hilarious, sometimes WTH inducing life and chuckle along with us.

I appreciate you. I hope I make you laugh.