For many moons, probably about six, friends of mine have been telling me I should start a blog. I’m not exactly sure why, but I would like to speculate:

A) I’m hilarious. Naturally. Even in my darkest times, helping people laugh has been something I pride myself in being able to do. I think it is TRULY the best medicine.

B) I’m wiser now. I’ve been through some things. I like to share my life stories and I like to talk to people. I’m a firm believer in each of us needing a village. Not just to raise our kids, but to keep all of us feeling engaged, loved, heard. This is big to me.

C) I like connecting with people. Not even in the same sense as B. Just a little more profoundly. Whether it’s privately or through different causes, I am always here.

D) I like to share my new found love of cooking. Wait. Back up. Rewind. I like to share my newfound love of clean eating that is easy. I even have a little show I do bi-weekly, called “Island Time with Vee.” It’s pretty fun and I always bring wine with me.

So, what is my mission, you ask? What do I see as a vision for this blog about laughter, love, healthy eating and shenanigans? Well, thanks for asking! I see it as a place to get a laugh, learn a little something either about food or me or parenting boys or living a happy life. I can be an escape for people, a voice of reason, an ear to chat and mull things over with. Just be prepared, because sometimes I drop an eff bomb or two.

Most of all, though, I want people to know that I am just a girl who decided to stop being afraid of big choices in life, decided to go for it, and is living a life happily ever laughter. Even if that DOES sound cheesy!

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