The day I jumped off the cliff to healthy-ish

Under Construction

Under Construction

Do you ever just look at a photo of yourself and CRINGE!?! I’m talking, physical, visceral reaction to seeing yourself on a screen or in a frame? When a camera pops out, do you rush to find a kiddo to hide your belly jelly behind? Turn and angle your head so you have the LEAST amount of double chin or chubby, round cheeks?

Oh, girl, I know ALL the tricks! Frick, I would be lying if I said I didn’t still resort to some of those crazy antics to try to trick my eyes into thinking I’m not THAT bad. See, it’s often said that knowledge is power but that statement is incomplete. The truth is that knowledge WITH action is power. Otherwise, it’s pretty useless, right?

See, I knew I was overweight. I had been my entire life. I don’t know what I would look like under 100 lbs because I’m pretty certain the last time I was anywhere in one-derland was when I was in middle school or something. Imagine how hurt my feelings were when a friend asked me to join Weight Watchers. Why, though? Why does it hurt our feelings when people ask us to join them on a health journey. I eventually got the hell over myself and decided to try it out. I think I went for about six months, at least. Did I lose some weight? Yes. Was it the best thing ever? Not for me. The thing is, I have a hard time believing that I can choose to eat a Big Mac and still lose weight AS LONG as I don’t go over my daily points, ever. I don’t buy it! And there was no emphasis on movement, which bothered me, because you can be thin and still have a weak heart. You can be skinny and have a lot of fat around your major organs. This is a true fact!

It was around October when a friend reached out to me about joining her in a fitness accountability group. The whole thing was online, I just needed the starter pack to join her. With an equal focus on nutrition AND exercise. I was freakin SOLD! I loved it so much, and loved inviting friends to join me from a place of love and understanding, that I also became a coach. Not because I’m some skinny B who wants to preach how to be that way, but because I have lived the friggin struggles. The hardships of balancing my goals with my love of wine and cheese. And food. I freakin love food.

The picture on the upper right is when I started. The bottom right is about six months after. The photo on the left is December 2016. I am FAR from where I aim to be, but I am putting in the work on the daily, deciding when to choose to say no even though I don’t want to, and just getting off my ass. If you want to join me in my next accountability group, contact me and we can also get you started!

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